CADS Alberta Competition Program 2020-21

Para Snowboarding2020-21, CADS Alberta will monitor the options available as COVID-19 impacts continues. As a provincial sport organization, CADS Alberta believes that supporting the local zone programs that deliver the on-the-snow experience in both alpine skiing and snowboarding are the core to the delivery of long term skier/rider development, which includes the opportunity of recognizing individuals who advance from a fundamentals level of participation, and express an interest in trying new aspects of the sport, including learning to train and becoming involved in competitions.

Both alpine skiing and snowboard have complete competition opportunities from grass roots programs through to both Paralympic and Special Olympic levels of competition. Our goal as CADS Alberta is to encourage our local zones to establish competition club programs that will receive a percentage of provincial support in areas such as coaching, equipment and training opportunities.

CADS Alberta is encouraging CADS knowledgeable volunteer instructors to gain training through the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation by taking an Entry Level Coaching course, that also includes a Para-Module for alpine skiing. At this point, snowboard is developing a competition strategy over the year to follow.

Disabled Skiing Program CanadaCADS Alberta believes that it is important to provide opportunities for improvement in sport, and will introduce entry level competition events through to base level IPCAS and IPCSB (International Paralympic Committee Alpine Skiing and Snowboard) competition opportunities.

Working closely with Alpine Canada and Canada Snowboard, CADS Alberta believes that Alberta, it’s ski areas and it’s tradition of competition excellence will develop new athletes who can enjoy and excel in a quality competition setting.

CADS Alberta will focus on supporting a competition structure that involves outreach to all regions of the province in developing both CADS zone program clubs and opportunities for inclusive involvement with club programs in the province.

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Competition Zone / Club Resources

CADS Alberta in its efforts to encourage quality competition programs to grow within CADS Alberta Zones, has created a CADS Alberta competition calendar that is directed towards either Canada Winter Games athletes, who are being tracked throughout the province, or CADS Alberta Zone-Club athletes who are in developing stages of the LTSD pathway, and require exposure to quality coaching and competition options.

For all CADS Alberta members who are competing as part of CADS Alberta Zone-Club, please ensure they have completed an athlete agreement, provided in the link that follows:

Athlete Agreement Template


CADS Alberta Zone-Club Competition Program 2020-21

CADS Alberta will once again be supporting CADS Alberta Zones to development Zone-Club competition programs as part of their Zone offerings. Applications for support funding will be determined by October 2020. Please stay tuned for further updates.


Long Term Skier Development (LTSD – Para-Alpine Skiing)

For those interested in knowing more about the Para-Alpine Skiing Development Pathway, please download the Alpine Canada Alpin AIM2WIN document. If you go to Slide 52 of the PDF, you will find a section dedicated to the Para-Alpine Integration Model as a reference.

Should you have specific questions, please contact the CADS Alberta Program Director for more information on Para-Alpine Development and Competition options.