CADS Alberta – Our Goals and Who We Are!

CADS Alberta provides opportunities for those with all abilities to learn to alpine ski or snowboard; to engage in advanced programs and competition programs. Explore our site to find out more!



COVID-19 and the Impact on CADS Alberta and its Programs and Members

CADS Alberta recognizes that we are presently in an unprecedented time, with no certainty as too when the end will be clear. On behalf of our Board, I want to reach out to wish all of our members and partners that you and your family and circle of friends and colleagues remain healthy and safe. Please continue to follow the issued guidance provided through Federal, Provincial and Local governments, as we work together, even in isolation.

CADS Alberta, as a Provincial Sport Organization, was very lucky at this time, as our season was coming to a close just as COVID-19 began to escalate. As an organization our funding is secure at this time, as we await next impacts that may occur. We will certainly keep our members informed of any significant changes that may occur in future.

CADS Alberta in collaboration with our Zone programs and CADS National will continue to plan for the 2020-21 season, with hopes that we defeat this virus and that you all remain safe throughout. Updates will be posted over the summer of 2020-21 program plans, Slide & Ride events, education programs, equipment opportunities, competition plans and funding opportunities. 

If at any time you find yourself wondering what may be happening, please contact us and we will ensure that you receive the most current information and planning available.

Please stay safe.


Ozzie Sawicki, Program Director & Becca Neels, Interim President



CADS Alberta Partners with AMPED2PLAY to Provide Alberta Ski and Snowboard Areas Diversity & Inclusion Training!

CADS Alberta recognizes the efforts of Alberta Snowsport Resorts to ensure that CADS Alberta members have access to exceptional snowsport experiences. The continued support of CADS Member discount across Alberta is a great benefit to our Members.

In an effort to continue to expand the Inclusion knowledge that opens market opportunities for services providers such as our Alberta Ski and Snowboard Area Partners, CADS Alberta has partnered with AMPED2PLAY, an international company specializing in Diversity & Inclusion Training for Not-for-Profit and For-Profit organizations. 

AMPED2PLAY is offering Engaging Inclusion, a 4-hour training program that raises awareness for Ski and Snowboard Area staff and leadership as to how to increase the inclusivity of their organization. AMPED2PLAY is donating 20% of all revenues generated from each Engaging Inclusion program delivered to CADS Alberta. The program cost is $1500.00 + GST  for up to 20 people plus travel expenses to the location.

CADS Alberta continues to seek out ways to open doors of opportunity for individuals of all abilities and ages to enjoy winter sport in Alberta! Providing increased knowledge on inclusivity to our key partners in snowsport, CADS Alberta believes that this partnership can only strengthen our relationship with Alberta Ski and Snowboard Resorts, and expand the reach to even more individuals with various disabilities to take part in winter recreation in Alberta.

This program will continue into the 2020-21 season and we will be reaching out to our Ski and Snowboard area partners in the late summer.

For information about booking an Engaging Inclusion Training Event, please contact Sandra at



CADS Alberta Slide & Ride | 2019-20

Canadian Adaptive Snowsports (CADS) Alberta once again partnered with CADS zones and Alberta ski resorts to offer the one day Slide & Ride try-it events across Alberta.

These events are FREE for all participants and volunteers! Participants and volunteers will receive prizes for being part of our events, and the focus is on families, friends and everyone to come out and participate.

Our goal is to encourage people with disabilities to try adaptive skiing or snowboarding as participants, and to create opportunities for involvement as participants or volunteers – anyone interested in being part of a fantastic winter sport!

Would YOU Like to LEARN HOW to Ski or Snowboard for FREE?

  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to alpine ski or snowboard and have a disability?

  • Are you a skier that wants to learn how to snowboard or maybe a snowboarder that wants to learn how to ski?

  • Are you interested in becoming a volunteer instructor and working with a great winter program?

This is your chance to take part in the one day event held at different ski and snowboard locations across Alberta. Whether you want to join us to get more information and see what it’s all about or try your skills on the hill, we have something for everyone including parents, friends, caregivers and health care professionals!

The 2019-20 events were all excellent opportunities for many new participants and their family and friends to discover the fun of winter sport. Thank you to all those who attended, and especially to the amazing volunteer support that made these programs possible.

2019-20 Completed Slide & Ride Events!

  • Sunday, January 26, 2020 – Kinosoo Ridge, Cold Lake

  • Saturday, February 1, 2020 – Nite Hawk, Grande Prairie

  • Sunday, February 2, 2020 – Canyon Ski Area, Red Deer

  • Saturday, February 29, 2020 – Hidden Valley, Medicine Hat

  • Saturday, March 7, 2020 – Tawatinaw Valley, Westlock

Stay Tuned for Slide & Ride Events Across Alberta for the 2020-21 Season!




2019-20 – CADS Alberta Equipment Pool

Access process for CADS Alberta Members

The 2019-20 equipment loan program went very well in its first year. We will be arranging to get CADS Alberta equipment back to Red Deer at some point this spring so that we can refurbish and get everything ready for 2020-21. We anticipate having more available equipment as well, so that everyone has a chance to participate in winter outdoor sport and recreation!


CADS Alberta has established a pool of adaptive equipment that includes sit-skis, outriggers and related items such as tethers and ski-wings. The equipment remains with CADS Alberta which retains the responsibility to maintain the equipment, including refurbishment of equipment following each winter season. The equipment is stored in Red Deer, Alberta as a central storage location.

Lease Process

The goal of CADS Alberta in establishing the equipment pool is to allow its participant members who require access to equipment, especially sit-skis, to have the ability to lease the equipment on an annual (seasonal) basis.

The participants must be CADS Alberta Members and require their CADS Alberta Zone to put forth the request on the individual participant’s behalf. The equipment being utilized is for participants who are actively part of a CADS Alberta Zone Program, and the equipment is being use by the participant under the supervision of a CADS Trained instructor who is also part of the CADS Alberta Zone Program.

For more information, please contact Ozzie Sawicki.



2019-20 CADS Alberta Member Registration!

Registration is now closed for the 2019-20 season. Stay tuned for September 2020 for news in registration timelines.

All Zones in Alberta will again be registering through this single entry point, with the exception of CADS Calgary. For information as a CADS Calgary participant or volunteer, please contact CADS Calgary or see their website.

Once you select the entry button above that links to your registration choice, you will have a series of options under which to register. Although we recognize that our membership is largely student / volunteer based, please endure that you register in the most appropriate section. When you select each section, it provides a description specific to your role, for example, a student, athlete, volunteer, certified instructor, certified coach, etc. Please read through the descriptions to ensure you register under the appropriate category. If you are a certified instructor or coach, it is important to register in that section versus as a volunteer, as you will then receive significant cost savings for multiple membership dues within CSIA, CASI, ACA (CSCF). We hope you find the registration process clear to follow.

Also note that this year all payments for membership must be submitted online. Payment at a later time will need be accepted, so in order to be a registered member you will have to have your payment information ready once you select the member login.

If you have any questions, please email

How to become a Student

To be a student in a program in one of the CADS Alberta Zones you need to be a CADS member. CADS membership provides you with third party liability insurance.

To get started, approach the contact person for the zone you are interested in participating. CLICK HERE for more information about Zones. This person will let you know the registration dates and what is required from you.

Some of the programs would require you to show at the registration time to get physically assessed by an instructor to determine your equipment needs.

Registration is on a first come first serve basis and is mostly limited by the number of volunteers available at each zone.

If it is past the registration date already get in touch with the contact person anyway as there is in some programs a waiting list and you can get details for next season.


Contact CADS Alberta

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