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COVID-19 Impact on Planning for the 2020-21 Season

Given that daily change has become a norm in planning and positioning of an organization such as CADS Alberta, we are providing the following plan with the understanding that change will be an ongoing requirement.
Our key focus is that of the health and safety of our membership. Many of our participants and our volunteer instruction pool are part of a vulnerable population and must remain our first consideration.
We are in close communication with the AHS leadership, the Sport community leadership in Alberta and core partners such as Alberta Alpine Ski Association, Canada West Ski Area Association, ski areas and CADS National as to how “Return to Activity” staging might take place. The reality is that for some of our smaller Zone programs (i.e. Cold Lake, Westlock, Alliance) an on-hill return may be quite viable. Attention to cohort planning, equipment usage, PPE and sanitization will be well planned. For programs such as Calgary and Edmonton, there will simply have to be extreme changes that take place for these programs and in some cases aspects of the program may not operate for the 2020-21 season. Having said this, alternative “activity” strategies will and are being considered.
The present COVID-19 strategy is as follows:
a. Planning
i. What was to be a 2020-23 Strategic and Operational Plan no longer made sense until we have clear outcomes post COVID-19. What made far more pragmatic sense was to plan in smaller blocks, which also provides us the ability to quickly adapt our strategy both strategically and operationally.
b. September 1 to November 30, 2020
i. The first smaller block plan is based on the three case scenarios that include:
1. Worst Case: Closed resorts for 2020-21
2. Mid-Case: 50% operations and membership due to social distancing guidelines and requirements
3. Best Case: 75% of membership retained based on light social distancing measures
ii. Based on scenario 1, virtual connection of CADS Member volunteers being linked to CADS Member participants so they can discover ways to enjoy winter sport and recreation when the ski area is missing! This would include backyard activities, parks across the street, etc. Our fall will be spent creating realistic plans. This connectivity will be critical for a large percentage of individuals and families dealing with disability life with limited to no resources, respite care, social services, etc. CADS Alberta has the opportunity to fill a void at a critical time.
We continue to be in communication with various provincial and federal ministries and continue to build a fiscal and operational plan that would present CADS Alberta as a key organizational resource in partnership with corporate support to deliver programs where the typical strategies are now limited or impossible. We wish to do so for a number of reasons, which include:
1. Organizational survival
2. Organization relevance
3. Opportunity and Need Now
4. Future collaborative growth
All of the above pertain to scenarios 2 and 3 as well, with adjustments based on membership capacity, Zone capacity and realistic allowances. For the moment, we remain focused on a worst-case scenario plan and adjust up as needed.
iii. Commitment to our Four Pillars
1. We remain committed to Development, Education, Equipment and Competition. We do not really add a fifth pillar called COVID-19 Support, but rather the support aspect is built into each of the four pillars in a scaled percentage.
2. For the May through November 2020 timeframe, the focus will be on Member support, hence we consider this development and education.
3. In terms of equipment, we will determine what comes from options such as the CIP grant application, as providing individual equipment when possible will be a critical on-snow solution to social distancing and sanitized equipment within one cohort.
4. Competition is simply on-hold aside from supporting Zone programs in terms of athlete retention, physical programming and other options.
5. Communications with our Zones will become very important, and I will start sending regular e-blast updates to members over the spring-summer-fall through Sharon, and specific emails to Zone leads. As the CADS Alberta Board positions itself as a resource and advocacy voice,
those communications will be integral to the future renewal of CADS programs at a later date.
c. Our most recent email package to Zone Leadership has been provided August 17, 2020 followed by individual Zone meetings being planned.
d. Updates in planning details will be provided through beginning September 15, 2020. Our site will be updated on a regular basis, starting with 2020-21 registration that opens September 1, 2020.
We encourage CADS Alberta Members to contact us with questions or to check with your Zone leadership, as we are presently in the process of meeting over the month of September to create an ongoing assessment process leading into the winter season.


2020-21 CADS Alberta Member Registration!

CADS Alberta is now providing registration through the new CADS National Snowline Membership Database. Please select the link below that applies to your CADS Zone program to register for a full CADS Membership.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that CADS Membership registration does not guarantee that your local CADS Zone Program will operate to 100% capacity for the 2021 season. Please contact your Zone program for updates and questions as December 2020 approaches.

Registration is open as of September 1st, 2020

Select a Zone/Club

(If your Zone/Club is not listed, please select CADS Alberta as your registration entry point) 


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Once you select the entry button above that links to your registration choice, you will have a series of options under which to register. Although we recognize that our membership is largely student / volunteer based, please ensure that you register in the most appropriate section.

Membership Types:

Student – This member type is for all adaptive skiers and snowboarders who wish to receive instruction as a student or athlete in an adaptive snow sport program.

Instructor – This member type is for all volunteers that will teach students on the slopes as a certified instructor or volunteer/trainee ON SNOW.

Volunteer – This member type is for all volunteers who wish to volunteer OFF SNOW in another capacity, not teaching students.

Friend – You provide assistance to your facility member or friend.

In order to be a registered member you will have to have your payment information ready once you select the member login.

If you have any questions, please email


How to become a Student

To be a student in a program in one of the CADS Alberta Zones you need to be a CADS member. CADS membership provides you with third party liability insurance.

To get started, approach the contact person for the zone you are interested in participating. CLICK HERE for more information about Zones. This person will let you know the registration dates and what is required from you.

Some of the programs would require you to show at the registration time to get physically assessed by an instructor to determine your equipment needs.

Registration is on a first come first serve basis and is mostly limited by the number of volunteers available at each zone.

If it is past the registration date already get in touch with the contact person anyway as there is in some programs a waiting list and you can get details for next season.


CADS Alberta is working with Alberta Health Care Leadership to ensure that it meets all regulations for our Membership. Given the constant change that can be seen weekly, CADS Alberta will continue to make Members aware of changes as we move closer to our Return to Activity opportunity.



CADS Alberta Partners with AMPED2PLAY to Provide Alberta Ski and Snowboard Areas Diversity & Inclusion Training!

CADS Alberta recognizes the efforts of Alberta Snowsport Resorts to ensure that CADS Alberta members have access to exceptional snowsport experiences. The continued support of CADS Member discount across Alberta is a great benefit to our Members.

In an effort to continue to expand the Inclusion knowledge that opens market opportunities for services providers such as our Alberta Ski and Snowboard Area Partners, CADS Alberta has partnered with AMPED2PLAY, an international company specializing in Diversity & Inclusion Training for Non-Profit and For-Profit organizations. 

Braving Connection

The importance of maintaining workplace connection during a time of crisis cannot be overstated. With employees and customers at a distance both physically and socially it can be difficult to maintain and continue to build engagement and resilience. It is easy to break connection and survive at this moment, let us show you how to Brave Connection and thrive. This online course is intended for those who lead and want to both maintain and continue to grow connection during unprecedented times of change.

The Braving Connection course is a self paced learning process linked to an online course delivery. The online delivery consists of four lessons via video facilitation followed with online live review and reflection sessions with the course facilitator. The course is 10 hours in total.

AMPED2PLAY is donating 20% of all revenues generated from each Braving Connection program delivered to CADS Alberta. The course cost is $175.00 + GST  per person, with a minimum of 15 people (maximum of 25). Given the online nature of this course, we encourage multiple ski and snowboard areas to partner to gather a minimum for the course.

Engaging Inclusion

AMPED2PLAY is offering Engaging Inclusion, a 4-hour training program that raises awareness for Ski and Snowboard Area staff and leadership as to how to increase the inclusivity of their organization. AMPED2PLAY is donating 20% of all revenues generated from each Engaging Inclusion program delivered to CADS Alberta. The program cost is $1500.00 + GST  for up to 20 people plus travel expenses to the location.

CADS Alberta continues to seek out ways to open doors of opportunity for individuals of all abilities and ages to enjoy winter sport in Alberta! Providing increased knowledge on inclusivity to our key partners in snowsport, CADS Alberta believes that this partnership can only strengthen our relationship with Alberta Ski and Snowboard Resorts, and expand the reach to even more individuals with various disabilities to take part in winter recreation in Alberta.

This program will continue throughout the 2020-21 season and we will be reaching out to our Ski and Snowboard area partners in the late summer.

For information about booking either a Braving Connection or Engaging Inclusion Training Event, please contact Sandra at




2020-21 – CADS Alberta Equipment Pool

Access process for CADS Alberta Members


CADS Alberta has established a pool of adaptive equipment that includes sit-skis, outriggers and related items such as tethers and ski-wings. The equipment remains with CADS Alberta which retains the responsibility to maintain the equipment, including refurbishment of equipment following each winter season. The equipment is stored in Red Deer, Alberta as a central storage location.

Lease Process

The goal of CADS Alberta in establishing the equipment pool is to allow its participant members who require access to equipment, especially sit-skis, to have the ability to lease the equipment on an annual (seasonal) basis.

The participants must be CADS Alberta Members and require their CADS Alberta Zone to put forth the request on the individual participant’s behalf. The equipment being utilized is for participants who are actively part of a CADS Alberta Zone Program, and the equipment is being use by the participant under the supervision of a CADS Trained instructor who is also part of the CADS Alberta Zone Program.

For more information, please contact Ozzie Sawicki.


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