Our programs

Each Zone in CADS Alberta runs its program separately. There are currently ten zones in Alberta, and a series of affiliates. In 2020, more than 1100 members were registered in Alberta with over 400 students learning through all the programs. With the onset of COVID-19, our membership certainly went through many personal impacts, which led to the cancellation of programs for the 2021 season. As we approach the 2022 season, we are planning with each CADS Alberta Zone to ensure that a safe and active season be available to all our members.

Programs that are offered vary with each zone, so we encourage you to check the zone near your home to see what programs are offered. If the information is not there, please get in touch with the contact person for that particular zone. Updates will be occurring on a regular basis from September onwards, as we manage COVID-19 changes and provincial health restrictions that may apply in each zone.

Keep in mind that most communications are handled by volunteers and it might take a while for them to get back to you.


Contact: Carol Macrae – Email: cmacrae503@gmail.com, Phone: 780-888-3862

Venue: Valley Ski Hill

Contact: Program Coordinator

Email: info@cadscalgary.ca
Phone: 403-286-8050 (call or text)

Venue: Winsport

Contact: Chris Holoboff – Email: chris.holoboff@gmail.com, Phone: 780-207-1152

Venue: Kinosoo Ridge

Contact: Brad Murray – Email: bdmur@yahoo.com, Phone: 403-583-0124

Venue: Pass Powderkeg

Contact: Sharon Veeneman – Email: coordinator@cadsedmonton.ca, Phone: 780-721-7071

Venue: Rabbit Hill

Contact: Mike Trace – Email: mtrace@telusplanet.net, Phone: 780-882-9996

Venue: Nite Hawk

Contact: Darryl Medoruma – Email: cads@medoruma.ca, Phone: 403-308-0841

Venue: Castle Mountain

Contact: Kacey Verrall – Email: hiddenvalley@gov.ab.ca, Phone: 403-893-3961

Venue: Ski Hidden Valley

Contact: Lisa Herder – Email: cadsreddeer@gmail.com, Phone: 403-887-5523

Venue: Canyon Ski Resort

Contact: Heather Toporowski – Email: htoporowski@yahoo.ca, Phone: Not available

                  Allison Johnson – Email: daisyduke1977@hotmail.ca, Phone: Not available

                 Susan Littlechilds – Email: susanlittlechilds@gmail.com, Phone: Not available

Venue: Tawatinaw

Contact: Ozzie Sawicki – Email: programdirector@cadsalberta.ca, Phone: 403-651-4000

Venue: CADS Alberta represents comparison for the provincial adaptive alpine and snowboard programs. Individual Zones and affiliates can and do run competition programs, which are overseen through CADS Alberta.