CADS Alberta Competition Program

Following the 2016-17 season the Alberta Disabled Ski Team was disbanded in its former structure. CADS Alberta focused on creating and supporting the growth of CADS Alberta Zone-Club programs throughout the province. The goal of the Zone-Club strategy has been to ensure that coaching became an available resource for all CADS Alberta Zones, and that localized competition programs could evolve leading to a growth in competition participation throughout the province.

As the 2023 Canada Winter Games approach, information on athlete selection process will be distributed shortly, as training opportunities that are CADS Alberta Team focused will begin this 2021-22 season. For information please contact the CADS Alberta Program Director.

Competition News 2021-22

Athlete Visual Impairment (VI) and Physical Impairment (PI) Classification Opportunity: November 23, 2021 Panorama, BC

COVID-19 created an extended period in which the availability of athlete classifications was highly limited over the past two years. To assist in providing an opportunity for athlete who have not been classified and require either a VI or PI classification, Canada will be hosting a classification session prior to the NORAM/WPAS competitions being held November 24th to 26th at Paranormal, BC. The classification sessions can be booked for November 23.

For additional details, please have your team lead or coach contact Mark Newton, Para-Alpine Sport & Development Manager, Alpine Canada Alpin.

Should you have general questions about classification, or if you would like an update on the status of the availability of what will be an updated VI classification process, please contact the CADS Alberta Program Director.

Stay updated on WPAS competitions, invitations and classification changes or cancellations by checking the WPSS Event Site.

For WPSB competitions, invitations and classification changes or cancellations, please check the WPSB Event Site.

For National and Provincial competition opportunities in Canada, please refer to your provincial competition calendar or contact the CADS Alberta Program Director for Alberta competition information.

Stay Tuned for Competition Program Information and Details for the upcoming 2021-22 Competition Season.

There will certainly be changes based on the impact of COVID-19, and we will keep you posted on the process as the season gets closer, and throughout the 2021-22 season. Thank you.