2020-21 CADS Alberta Member Registration!

CADS Alberta is now providing registration through the new CADS National Snowline Membership Database. Please select the link below that applies to your CADS Zone program to register for a full CADS Membership.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that CADS Membership registration does not guarantee that your local CADS Zone Program will operate to 100% capacity for the 2021 season. Please contact your Zone program for updates and questions as December 2020 approaches.

Registration is open as of September 1st, 2020

Select a Zone/Club

(If your Zone/Club is not listed, please select CADS Alberta as your registration entry point)


ALL MEMBERS ARE NEW TO SNOWLINE, SIGN UP AS A NEW STUDENT, NEW VOLUNTEER (Not on snow) or NEW INSTRUCTOR (On snow). Goalline access codes are not compatible with Snowline. 

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Rocky Mountain Adaptive Sports Centre

Once you select the entry button above that links to your registration choice, you will have a series of options under which to register. Although we recognize that our membership is largely student / volunteer based, please ensure that you register in the most appropriate section.

Membership Types:

Student – This member type is for all adaptive skiers and snowboarders who wish to receive instruction as a student or athlete in an adaptive snow sport program.

Instructor – This member type is for all volunteers that will teach students on the slopes as a certified instructor or volunteer/trainee ON SNOW.

Volunteer – This member type is for all volunteers who wish to volunteer OFF SNOW in another capacity, not teaching students.

Friend – You provide assistance to your facility member or friend.

In order to be a registered member you will have to have your payment information ready once you select the member login.

If you have any questions, please email


How to become a Student

To be a student in a program in one of the CADS Alberta Zones you need to be a CADS member. CADS membership provides you with third party liability insurance.

To get started, approach the contact person for the zone you are interested in participating. CLICK HERE for more information about Zones. This person will let you know the registration dates and what is required from you.

Some of the programs would require you to show at the registration time to get physically assessed by an instructor to determine your equipment needs.

Registration is on a first come first serve basis and is mostly limited by the number of volunteers available at each zone.

If it is past the registration date already get in touch with the contact person anyway as there is in some programs a waiting list and you can get details for next season.


CADS Alberta is working with Alberta Health Care Leadership to ensure that it meets all regulations for our Membership. Given the constant change that can be seen weekly, CADS Alberta will continue to make Members aware of changes as we move closer to our Return to Activity opportunity.


Contact CADS Alberta

11759 Groat Road
Alberta T5M 3K6

Phone: +1 780 427 8104

CADS Alberta Charitable Donation Number:
13396 7406 RR0001